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Be Your Own Hero Candle - Monarch Exclusive – Monarch Boutique

Be Your Own Hero Candle - Monarch Exclusive

Be Your Own Hero Candle - Monarch Exclusive



It's back and we are so happy! You asked for us to get our "Monarch" candle back and it's here.  It was created with the blend of scents and became a sought after candle in the store.  Candles are hand-poured using soy wax & all natural fragrance oils safe for the family and environment (including pets)!

Sensual warm blend of bergamot, cinnamon and cannabis with floral notes of geranium, lilies and rose on a dry bed of patchouli, sandalwood and musk.

We all have our journey and this scent was created for Monarch's launch in 2019. It lit the path for the launch of my boutique and has provided a daily drive through the calmness that is created with this scent over the years.  And the name came from being just that, my own hero.  Creating something from nothing and continuing through challenges no matter what. I hope to be an example of perseverance to someone and this candle provides you with calm and strength through it's scent.

And because sometimes you just need to say it the way it is..."Be Your Own Hero" or "Be Your Own Effen Hero" is yours to choose. I choose the sassy one :).

Curated by one of our favorite Downtown Denison Women Owned Businesses "Rae Of Sunshine"


100% Soy Wax & Fragrance Oils

Made in United States of America

Exclusive Product - Discounts to not apply