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About Us

Monarch Boutique was born through the transformation of the Monarch Butterfly and the symbolic meaning it represents. While change can be exciting, every day, women transform themselves in different ways unique to themselves. So time to put on your heels, raise your head and love yourself!
Monarch Boutique offers fashions that will bring out your personality, fit your body and energize you. 
Let one of our talented team members provide you with a customized shopping experience.
Shari-Lee moved from Canada and has made Texoma her home. Over the last twenty years, change has been prominent in her life from careers, family, home and mind/body.  As a "younger" breast cancer survivor, embracing healthy changes and support other women through fellowship at Monarch. Shari hopes that she can be the example to other woman to face their fears, build on their strengths and follow their dreams, regardless of the challenges. 
The Monarch Butterfly combines a bit of the North and South which is what makes this such a unique boutique. The Monarch migrates each winter to the south from Manitoba, Shari's home province for 45 years and through Texas.
Monarch Boutique is a size inclusive boutique and so much from accessories to home & gift. We are excited to have y'all come and try on some great styles and embrace every part of yourself!

Visit us at our new location in Denison's historic downtown or shop online at!
"Everyone is like a butterfly, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies that everyone loves" 
-Drew Barrymore